Our Squad

At Blonnoir, you will be in good hands with our team of passionate and expert hairdressers. For us, it is essential to be on the lookout for the latest hairstyling trends and new techniques to offer you the most exceptional experience!

Our mission

Our priority is to preserve the health and integrity of your hair. We want to provide you with an experience that meets your expectations by offering you excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere.

Blonnoir experience

To make an appointment at Blonnoir is to offer yourself a quality moment! Our goal is to welcome you in our modern and warm salon so that you feel at home! With a tablet in hand and a comforting cup of coffee, take the time to relax while we take care of your hair! At Blonnoir, we are passionate about the latest trends. We are specialized in blond hair and we’re just as trendy as a downtown hair salon!

Our team

Geneviève - Owner

Our team

Specializing in blondes, extensions, cuts and styling, Geneviève is passionate about hair. As an experienced hairdresser, she welcomes her clients as if they were in her own home. Clients leave feeling beautiful and confident thanks to her personalized service.

Jeff is an experienced hairdresser. His passion and attention to detail are what set him apart. Even though he loves to touch everything, he specializes in color. To try him is to adopt him!

Jeff - Hair stylist