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Cutting and styling for women

Looking for a hair change? A haircut and a nice styling can make all the difference!

Junior : From $50.00 +tx
Senior : Starting at $65.00 +tx
Junior : Cheveux long et épais : À partir de 60,00$ +tx
Senior : Cheveux long et épais à partir de 85,00$ + tx

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Women's styling

This service consists of placing your hair and giving you a beautiful styling so that you look your best!

Junior : À partir de 45,00$
Senior : À partir de 55,00$

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Men's Cut

Need a little refreshment? Come and see us, we will take care of you!

From $45.00 +tx
With beard : from 65,00$ +tx
Color and cut: from $100.00

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Fringe only

This service consists of cutting your bangs to structure your face!

From $13.00 +tx

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Children's cut

Make an appointment now for a haircut for your child.

Boys/youth: from $33.00 +tx
Girls/Junior: from $50.00 +tx

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Hair high

You have a special event? We'll take care of your styling!

Junior : À partir de 60,00$ +tx
Senior : À partir de 75,00$ +tx

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Make-up remover

A make-up remover will allow you to get rid of all traces of your old colorings to start again like new!

From $75.00 +tx

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Coloring + Cutting + Styling

This service includes coloring, cutting and styling to revive your hair in one appointment!

From $146.00 +tx

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Coloring + styling

You only want a coloring and a styling? Reserve your place now!

From $128.00 +tx

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Balayage et toner

If you want to lighten your hair and still have a very natural result, balayage is definitely for you!

Junior : From $170.00 +tx
Senior : from 225,00$ +tx

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Half-head drill bits with toner

This service is perfect for those who want to lighten their hair!

Junior : From $120.00 +tx
Senior : from 160,00$ +tx

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Full head drill bits with toner

This service is perfect for those who want to lighten their hair!

Junior: from $170.00 + tx
Senior : from $225,00$ +tx

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Facial contour highlights only

This service is perfect for those who want a change without bleaching their entire hair. A face frame frames and defines the face.

From $115.00 +tx

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Regrowth and length

Need a little touch-up? This service is ideal for you!

From $110.00 +tx

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Customized Express Treatment Fusio-Dose

Does your hair need to be moisturized and revitalized? Add the ultimate or emergency treatment at your appointment!

From at $40.00 +tx

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Sometimes a simple toner is all it takes to neutralize unwanted highlights. This can revive your color and give it a boost!

From $50.00 +tx

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Keratin treatment

This smoothing treatment makes hair soft, supple and deeply hydrated. Your hair will be easier to manage and will be shiny and healthy!

Short hair: from $350.00 +tx
Mid-length hair: from $400.00 +tx
Long hair: from $450.00 +tx

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Keratin extensions

This hot extension technique involves attaching thin strands of hair to a strand of your hair with the application of heat that melts the keratin to hold the strand in place.

Installation from 75,00$ +tx /package
Withdrawal from $70.00/hr +tx

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Metamorphosis Service

Looking for a big hair change? This service applies to all clients who want a big transformation such as a color correction or a change from black to blond, for example. When the salon service exceeds 3 hours, the rate of 105$/hour will apply.

60 g de produits inclus dans ce prix mais tout excédent sera en supplément

From $110.00 +tx

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A 1-hour consultation including a treatment that removes impurities and build-up while reviving hair color. You will leave with a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair needs determined during the consultation.

Le dépôt sera déduit lors du rendez-vous de pose. Non remboursable si annulation

From $125.00 +tx

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*These prices do not include hair. These are prices for the installation only.
If you need more information, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us!
Un dépôt de 250$+ tx vous serez demandé lors de la consultation pour la prise de rendez-vous pour une pose d’extensions.