Nowadays it is important that guys look good formal hairstyles for men and in Blonnoir we are specialists in hairdressing and barbering, keep reading this article so you know what are the hairstyles that are fashionable this 2021.

The hairstyle you choose will depend on the cut and length you have, the idea is that your hair looks beautiful and well groomed.

A high quality cut provides a clean and polished look. The shape of your face also has a big influence on the cut you should get.

You should look for a cut that gives you a simple elegant look that is ideal for all types of events.

For some young men who are looking for simple yet elegant hairstyles for men can opt for the slicked back hairstyle, this cut can be easily maintained and looks very stylish. 

The backward hairstyle can be obtained in various cuts including long hair, buzz, slicked back.

If you are looking for the best formal hairstyles for men this 2021 stay on reading this article.

Formal hairstyles for men with short hair

Short hairstyles for men with short hair are among the most popular among both young and adult men.

Short hairstyles for men with thick hair are available in many different styles such as buzz, fuzz and flat top among others.

At Blonnoir we will make you the cut and hairstyle of your choice and now we are going to mention some of the looks for men with short hair:

Formal hairstyle for men buzz.

This cut is very popular even among famous men, at some point most of the celebrities have used this hairstyle.

This cut is very easy to maintain as you don’t have to spend time to be well groomed.

Short hairstyle with tufting

Nowadays it is the most popular hairstyle for both young and adult men because it gives a sexy and elegant touch at the same time.

Tupes are suitable for short hair whether it is straight, wavy or curly, it goes well with most faces and hairstyles.

Tupe styles

Today there are a wide variety of tupe styles for men:

  • Classic tupe
  • Tupe style with a sharp line
  • Curly tupe
  • Gradient tupe style

Short hairstyle with bangs

For this 2021 hairstyle with bangs has become very popular among younger men. This cut goes very well with straight hair.

Formal hairstyles for men with medium length hair

For men with semi-long hair, our advice is to wear elegant hairstyles that can be easily worn on several occasions.

Here at Blonnoir we are specialists in both hairdressing and barbering and we will give you some hairstyle recommendations in this article: 

Fringe for medium hair with the line in the center.

This cut looks like it’s going to be a big trend for 2021 and it looks very pretty, it’s also formal and very sexy.


The gradient is a hairstyle not only formal, also goes very well for the daily and is quite easy to maintain, this hairstyle is to leave on top the longest hair and each time you go down the level is cutting more hair.

Formal hairstyles for men with long hair

Some of the hairstyles for men with long straight hair include the bob hairstyle, which is perfect for men who want to give a very simple and clean look to their look, but apart from this there are more cuts, read on to find out about all the styles:

bob hairstyle

It is not only popular among women, this 2021 will be a trend among men too, it is very beautiful and elegant.

Mane style haircut

For those who have longer hair you can do this hairstyle, it looks quite sensual and classic at the same time, you can use the mane to one side or with the line down the middle.

Long hair gradient

This hairstyle is very popular this 2021 and for guys with long hair, it will look great, besides it is also a very elegant and beautiful cut.

Side parting

This cut is quite comfortable for guys who have long hair, because it defines the hairstyle better from the side and looks with a formal and bold touch.

There are a number of formal hairstyles for men, which can be easily maintained; it can even be maintained without any special treatment.

There are many different haircuts for men that are appropriate for various occasions. 

Aside from classic haircuts, there are some men who like to change their hairstyle every month or two.

For those who want to have a casual yet sophisticated look, they can opt for spiky hairstyles for men.

There are many designs in the market with different hairstyle patterns that can be easily maintained. The hairstyle can be straightened or curled according to the person’s preference.

Here at Blonnoir we cut and do hairstyles and all the services for men that you want and want to do to look your best.

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