Winter hair care can be a tricky business. It is often believed that summer is the most difficult time of the year to maintain healthy hair. However, this is not the case. 

The winter season brings negative consequences on our skin and hair, making it more brittle and unruly. 

Faced with the dryness that winter weather can cause, it’s normal to look for new ways to moisturize your scalp or how to get softer hair

Grab your hot cup of coffee, get comfy and take note of these winter hair care tips.

Why is hair care important during the winter?

Hair suffers from sudden changes in temperature, humidity and pollution. All these factors generate dehydration in the hair, making it increasingly fragile and causing it to lose its natural shine.

Each hair type has its own specific care requirements. It is normal that concerns arise around this: How to care for curly hair in winter? How to care for dry hair? How to prevent brittle hair? And although each of these types of hair needs particular attention, it is true that you can start by following some general recommendations.

If you don’t already have an established winter hair care routine, keep reading. Here are some tips you can incorporate into your winter hair care routine.

1. Deeply cleanse and moisturize the hair

Deeply cleanse and moisturize the hair

Be sure to wash your hair and make sure your scalp is completely clean. When washing your hair, you should apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. 

It is recommended to wash the hair every 3 days to prevent the natural oil from being lost due to the cold, which dries out each strand and makes it brittle. In view of the effects of the cold on the hair, it is recommended to pay special attention to the issue of hydration.

To prevent damage to your hair, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins (especially vitamin E) and drink plenty of fluids. Remember! What you ingest is reflected in your skin, nails and hair.

At this point it is also important to use products that help you to complement your hair care. These include products such as serums, moisturizers, masks or leave-in conditioners that provide shine, restoration and deep nourishment. 

Don’t forget the moisturizing treatments that you can apply once a week, as this will help strengthen your hair and leave it silkier.

You can also visit a professional beauty salon from time to time to have moisturizing treatments for your hair. In this way, you will receive advice from your stylist to follow the care from home.

How to moisturize dry hair in winter?

To moisturize dry hair in winter, the most important thing is to select products that suit the needs of your hair type. Incorporate highly moisturizing products into your dry hair care routine.  

Choose hair treatments rich in oils such as coconut or avocado and those that are gentle on the hair fiber such as aloe vera and honey.

Want to know how to care for dry scalp in winter? Find out with the following: Why do a Kerasilk hair treatment?

2. Use heat protectors

For the increased temperatures generated by hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons, the use of heat protection is recommended. This will allow you to take care of your hair avoiding damage caused by improper use of heat tools. In addition, it will allow you to reveal shinier, moisturized and healthier hair. 

Try to avoid direct heat sources and if you use a hair dryer, try to keep it 15 to 20 centimeters away from the scalp.

Ask your stylist for help in choosing the best hair protection products.

3. Use anti-frizz products

Cold weather and winds can cause your hair to stay frizzy. That’s why it is recommended to use anti-frizz products, which will protect your hair from the humidity of the environment. 

In order to apply it correctly, use a brush with thick bristles to distribute the product through the hair fiber.

If there is a lot of wind it is recommended to gather the hair, to avoid knots and possible breakage of strands. Making hair softer is not impossible! Moisturizing the scalp with the best anti-frizz products will make you look spectacular during the winter.

Don’t forget to trim the ends regularly! This will prevent split ends from forming and making your hair look unkempt and unhealthy. See your trusted stylist.   

Hats will become your best ally for winter hair care.

Hats will become your best ally for winter hair care.

Want to know how to keep your hair up and styled? Wearing hats is a great option!   

A walk in the winter sun, accompanied by a cup of coffee or a delicious chocolate, is always perfect. However, this walk that we love so much is a stress factor for the hair. Wearing a hat will not only keep you warm, but will also protect your hair from the cold temperatures.

4. Say no to hot water!

Want to know how to get soft hair? Avoid hot water! Hot water can drastically damage your hair as it tends to remove moisture from the hair and makes it look dry. Yes, in cold weather a hot water bath is wonderful. But try to wash your hair with warm water.

Warm water is essential to keep your hair with the shine and strength it needs to be healthy.

After each wash, dry your hair gently! If you prefer to towel dry your hair, don’t rub it quickly and hard as this can also cause damage to the hair structure.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair. If the temperature is too low, the hair will absorb moisture and cause breakage of the hair fibers. Maintain natural hair care in winter.

5. Take care of your hair in winter to prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is a normal and constant process of renewal. However, at any given moment we may question which season of the year is the one that promotes hair loss.

It is a process that we cannot avoid, even if you brush your hair carefully or try to avoid hairstyles that keep the hair stretched.

However, there are processes or treatments that help minimize the effects of hair loss and, above all, help you to reinforce the protection and care of the scalp. 

Ideally, this hair care process should be carried out hand in hand with two specialists in the field: a dermatologist and a professional stylist.There is no excuse to take care of your hair in every season of the year, make an appointment at Blonnoir, a professional hairdresser in Quebec! Contact us at 450 672-6405 or and show off your hair radiant and healthy, this winter season.