You've always wanted to try hair extensionsbut there are so many techniques that you find it hard to know which one to choose?  Wondering what type ofhair extensions will give you the most natural result for your hair type?

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to enhance your hair by making it longer and more voluminous. And, on the contrary to popular belief, hair extensions are easy to maintain and allow you to stop washing your hair every morning. Sleep with a braid and you'll wake up with perfectly mermaid hair.

Nowadays, there are many techniques available to help you get the best results based on your hair type!

At Blonnoirwe offer three types of hair extensions : keratin extensions, tape-in extensions and the brand new technique coming from Arizona, USA, the famous Habit method.

Curious to learn more about these three techniques? Read on for more practical tips and information! This guide will help you decide which type of hair extension break is THE best for you.

Some practical information to know about hair extensions

 Hair extensions are strands of high-quality natural hair that are applied to your natural hair to add volume, length, or both. They are fixed by an extension specialist based on the evaluation of your hair during the consultation. We recommend that you always make an appointment for a consultation, because this is when you can explain to your professional what you expect from your hair extensionsYou will be able to tell him/her the expected result, certain characteristics of your hair, how often you wish to maintain your extensions, etc. On her/his side, she/he will be able to advise you on the technique that will be best for you and answer your apprehensions regarding the chosen technique.

You should also know that it will be important to take good care of your new hair. If you want your hair to last as long as possible, it will be essential to be delicate when handling it, to use products adapted for extensions and also to do moisturizing treatments when you feel that your hair needs it.

In some cases, we can dye your hair extensions, if you feel like a little change. However, it is really not recommended to bleach your extensions. Since they are natural hair that has already been chemically treated, bleaching them could completely damage them and make them lose their silky texture. If you wish to color them, we advise you to make an appointment with your colorist and be certain of your decision, as we do not advise you to do it several times to preserve their health.

Ready for a new look? Here are the different techniques available at Blonnoir!

The different types of hair extensions 

Since all hair types are different, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each technique. We will therefore present you with the pros and cons of each pose.

Keratin extensions

What it is: Keratin extensions are undoubtedly one of the most popular techniques. This type of extension commonly called "hot technique" is made up of several strands of natural hair of about 1 gram that will be applied to a fine strand of your natural hair. They are fixed with the help of their tip which is made of keratin and serves as glue once melted by heat.

Positive points: Keratin extensions are a good technique to lengthen your hair and to fill in the sections of your hair that need volume. It is a technique that lasts long enough, you can keep them for 4 to 6 months depending on the natural growth of your hair. It is also a fairly delicate method that offers a natural result for fine hair. It holds firmly to your hair and doesn't slip easily, which is why it is appreciated by many people and celebrities.

Points to consider: Since this is a hot technique, using glue to fix the strands could be a concern for some people. However, if the break is done by a hair extension expert, your hair will not be damaged in any way. It is therefore essential to choose a trusted person certified in keratin extensions. As the keratin melts on your hair, extensions cannot be reused and put back up a second time. Also, unlike tape extensions or the usual method, it is a technique that can take up to 6 hours to complete.

In short, the keratin extensions offer a hyper natural result, they hold firmly to your hair and allow you to keep it for a long time.


What it is: Tape-in are strips of natural hair about 3-4 cm wide that are "sandwiched" onto a thin section of your natural hair. They are held in place by the strips that are taped with double-sided adhesive tape.

Positive points: This is one of the most comfortable techniques because it is very light. Another very interesting point is that they are reusable, so you can have your tapes replaced and put back together as long as the hair is beautiful and healthy. The adhesive used is transparent and therefore it is not visible to the naked eye. This type of extension is therefore very natural and not very noticeable, because it blends very well with your natural hair. This is the best technique for fine hair, because they do not slide as easily as other types of extensions. You should also know that it is possible to use tape-in extensions to partially fill in certain sections of your hair, to even out and fill in a square cut for example.

Points to consider: This is a technique that needs to be pulled up a little faster than the keratin method, for example. The reason is simply that because it is a band, the result will be less natural when the band goes down because of the natural regrowth of your hair. If the technique is not performed by a professional, your extensions may fall out very easily or irritate you. That's why you should always go see someone experienced to avoid losing your extensions easily or to avoid discomfort.

In short, tape-in extensions, when applied by a hair extension expert, are one of the most comfortable methods and are the most suitable for fine hair.

Les extensions à bandes adhésives

 In this photo, two techniques have been used to offer an even more natural result. The keratin extensions were used for the sides and for the toupee to be more delicate when the client wants to tie her hair up and tape-in were placed on the back to give maximum volume to the hair.

Habit Method extensions

What it is: The Habit Method is a technique that has recently arrived in Quebec. This type of extension, which comes from Arizona, USA, consists of attaching 2 to 3 frames of natural hair to your hair with fine beads that hold everything in place.

Positive points: It is a technique that offers unequalled comfort. The reason is simple, there are not a hundred strands of hair that are applied to your natural hair, it's only 2 or 3 wefts. They give a lot of volume to your hair. Also, because it's not strand by strand, it offers a more even and full result. It is an ideal technique for thick hair, but it is also suitable for all hair types. The hair is reusable and can be rested until your extensions are shiny and healthy. During your visit to the salon, this technique is one of the quickest to install.

Points to consider: The only point to consider for this technique is that since it is full bands that are applied to your hair, you will need to have them redo more often. The duration of this application is about 2 months depending on the natural growth of your hair.

Les extensions Habit Method

This concludes our article on the types of hair extensions and their advantages and points to consider. We hope that this has helped you choose the pose that suits you best. Don't forget to make an appointment for a consultation with Geneviève, our hair extension expert. You can also do it online just by clicking here. Otherwise, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 450-672-6405.

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