Avec la situation actuelle, on a tous envie d’un peu de changement! Que ce soit de refaire notre déco intérieure, de se procurer des beaux vêtements pour porter à l’intérieur ou pour s’offrir un changement capillaire : on recherche tous un peu de nouveauté dans cette période assez monotone. Le confinement peut être assez démoralisant pour certains, un changement de look peut aider à boost your morale a little, believe us! In this article, we'll introduce you to the most popular trends in in women's et de haircolour and haircuts.Read on to learn more about 2021 trends to inspire your next salon visit!

Layered hair

Le dégradé

The first hair trend qu’on vous présente : le fameux layered hair. This trend has often been seen on stars for a look full of volume and movement! This haircut is all about creating multiple layers that, when styled properly, create a voluminous and moving effect. If you think your haircut needs a little extra, this is a great option for you! You'll have fun styling your layered cut and your hair will have a guaranteed wow effect.

Curly fringe

La frange bouclée

In our article on 2020 trendswe talked about the curtain fringe and the Shag cut (Longueuil cut reinvented) which are still two hyper popular trends in 2021. Today's curly fringe is a variation of these two trends. It goes perfectly with the Shag cut. Leave your natural hair on and wear your curly bangs! Even if you have curtain fringe, leave your natural curls on to create a bold, confident look.

The very short pixie

La pixie très courte

Les Short hair has been trendy for quite a while now. It's easy to care for and gives a rock star look to those who dare to adopt it. The pixie cut has been in vogue for some time now, but in 2021, it's the very short pixie cut that's at the top! We dare and opt for a haircut very short haircut à la Mia Farrow. Gone are the days of spending hours in front of the mirror every morning... One of the many advantages of this cut is that you'll be ready in no time at all. Plus, it will allow your hair to reset to your hair and if you want to grow them back eventually, they’ll be healthier than ever!

XXL Hair

Les cheveux XXL

Contrary to the very short Pixie trend , we have the trend of XXL hair is all about having maximum volume and length. Ever heard of the mermaid look? That's exactly what this trend is all about. Long, healthy hair that cascades down to your lower back! If you don't have naturally long hair, get hair extensions! ! Important note: we invest in quality hair extensions that allow us to keep it long while maintaining super health for our natural hair. At Blonnoir, a hair salon located Saint-Lambert, we are specialists in hair extensions. In fact, if you are interested in hair extensions vous intéressent, read our article on the subject.

Mocha Coloration

Coloration Mocha

Mocha color is a super interesting trend for those who want to add a little extra to their natural hair. This hair color is done with a light baleyage to add depth to your color. For an optimal effect, it is important to have healthy, shiny hair. Therefore, we recommend the use of moisturizing products such as hair masks that are made when necessary as well as styling products that bring out the shine of the hair. We carry several professional brands at professional products the salon such as Oribe or Lakme, come see us!

2 tones hair

Coloration 2 tons

If you’re always going back and forth between blond and brown, this trend is 100% ideal for you! It's also a good alternative for those who want a wow effect without bleaching their entire hair. This trend can be achieved in many ways, whether it's only on the fringe of the money piece style or underneath or on the sides only, the possibilities are numerous! Two-tone coloring is definitely one of the most popular trends right now and it can be seen everywhere on social networks like Instagram. This color has several advantages, among others, the maintenance of the regrowth which can be done much less frequently than with a whole blonde head. It is an ideal coloring in this time of lockdown, because it is low maintenance!!

Silver lilac color

Coloration Lila argentée

Oh the famous trend of silver hair... We can't get enough of it! Always very present, this trend has evolved towards a mix between a silver color and a lilac color! This type of hair color is for the most daring. With spring coming soon, this color will be gorgeous to enhance your look. If you dare to go for this trend, it's important to know that it's a color that requires a lot of maintenance. We recommend good professional products found in salons and the use of a purple shampoo. It is also essential to go see a colorist expert to see if your hair has the strength for this type of decolouration. coloristes, cliquez juste Here.

That concludes our article on 2021 hair trendsHopefully it inspired you for your next salon visit. Don't hesitate to write to us if you have any questions. We're write to us always happy to help!